Hello and welcome to The Timmerman!

The brainchild of Tyneside musician and music promoter Steve Willis, Timmerman Music is committed to supporting our local artists and provides first-class live entertainment for the people of Tyne and Wear.

But what's with the name? Our founder Steve, who loves nothing more than to have a tinker on his guitar, wrote a song called Timmerman inspired by a cycle ride through the forests of Holland in 2014. Steve likes to think of it as a fine slice of rock 'n' roll and it's all about being the guardian of the woods.

Timmerman also means carpenter in Dutch or woodsman for the Canadians amongst us. Steve is a proud eco-warrior and is a joiner, so it kind of stuck!

On returning from the woods of Holland on one of his outdoor adventures Steve went on to use the Timmerman brand to create a series of showcases to promote the amazing musical talent Tyne and Wear has on offer.