Saturday 25 August 2018

12:00 – 6:00

After realising his need to create and curate music festivals and events, Steve stumbled across Crossing the Tyne festival in 2015. But how did it all come about? It all started with a chance meeting with local music artist Chris Hill in that year at a buskers night in Chinos in North Shields. Chris was from South Shields and had made the trip across the river to play on hearing of the town's great venues but also said that the musicians on either side of the Tyne hardly knew each other. Steve looked into this and discovered he was totally correct. In the days following, Steve was recording a band at the Old Low Light Heritage Centre, then called The Middens. They thought it would be a great idea to have an event that celebrated the music of both sides of the Tyne and thus the idea was born.

To say that we winged the first 2015 festival is something of an understatement but it was a success in that it worked as a musician meet and greet concept. The main focus of the event is allowing artists to perform on the ferry on every passenger crossing on the day of the festival. Nexus, the ferry operators, allow us to play to their passengers and it is a great experience for both the musicians and passengers alike. In 2017, Crossing the Tyne Festival attracted over 400 musicians and now proudly boasts 20 venues in both North and South Shields.

All genres are welcome, from poetry to heavy metal, we love to hear from everyone. All aboard!

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